Established 1990
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The CTCCC was founded in September of 1990, at the final Toronto International Coin Fair. The meeting received a publicity boost from a Globe and Mail article that reported the possible demise of the Canadian Tire cash bonus coupon. This then resulted in a media blitz that demonstrated how little was known about Canada's second currency'.

As the club grew, it developed a professionally produced quarterly newsletter reporting discoveries and information about varieties and issues. The CTCCC was the first fully bilingual numismatic club in Canada, offering members a choice of an English or French newsletter. Meetings are held in conjunction with mainstream coin shows across Canada, from Vancouver to St. John's, with many other regional meetings at smaller coin shows. Where appropriate, meetings are simultaneously translated for members.

Members benefit from the use of the club newsletter for advertising your needs or items for sale to other collectors. Members are invited to submit articles about items of interest. The club also runs a mail-bid sale of members material in exchange for a low commission rate. At each meeting there is a live auction of material to assist members in their collecting.