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Canadian Tire Numismatic Catalogue




After several months of tireless work, the 2018 CTNC is now available for purchase.  This new edition is a complete renewal and now includes over 1150 Canadian Tire numismatic items.
The catalogue numbers have been upgraded to facilitate electronic sorting with as little impact as possible on the original numbering system. All major varieties have been added.  If you have a major variety that is missing let us know and we will get it into next years revision.
The catalogue is only available in color for $50.00 plus shipping anywhere in Canada on the website.  It can also be purchased on the website for $12.00 as a pdf download.

The 2018 Canadian Tire Numismatic Catalogue contains all the regular issues of notes issued by the Corporation, the Petroleum division and Simard-Montcalm. The large majority are made by Canadian Banknote Company and British American Bank Note.
All notes issued until the end of July 2018 are included.
There are nearly 1200 images describing the notes.  This catalogue is in color and the format is 8.5” x 11” and has 148 pages. Due to a change in the printing process, the catalogue is now available in full colour at a lower price.

Send your order to Jerome Fourre, 1120 Place Charron, Blainville, Quebec, J7C 2T2 or call 450-419-7914. It can also be bought from “”

Canadian Tire Die-cast Catalogue



I am very proud to introduce to you the new Canadian Tire catalogue for die-cast collectors. This Canadian Tire Die-cast Catalogue replaces the former Bilodeau Guide, Volume 4.

The 2018 ”Canadian Tire Die-cast Catalogue" contains all the Die-Cast trucks issued by the Corporation, the Petroleum division and Third-Parties with CTC's approbation. The large majority are made by Liberty Clasics.

The regular retail series are shown first followed by the special editions by order of the date that they were released. These special editions were issued by different divisions of CTC and Jumpstart Charities or by individual stores celebrating an event.

There are 130 images describing the vehicles. This catalogue is all in colour and the format is 8.5" x 11" and has 16 pages. The price is $33.00 postage included.

Send your order to Jerome Fourre, 1120 Place Charron, Blainville, Quebec,  J7C 2T2 or call 450-419-7914 or It is also available on “” as a download in pdf format for only $10.00